Kenya Voted World’s Top Destination – Best Places To Visit This December


Kenya Voted World’s Top Destination. This is the kind of news that comes just in time as we welcome the December holiday mood. Even with Kenya being on international limelight for bad reasons like ICC and may be recent Westgate Terror attack, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Would you think that with all the travel advisories issues to foreigners and even USA President, Barrack Obama skipping to visit Kenya, she would be named the top destination in the world?

According to a statement by Kenya Tourism Board, Kenya was voted the world’s leading safari destination by travel agents, during the World Travel awards in Qatar.

Thanks to the successful implementation of diversifying agenda and adoption of new promotion strategies that the government and private sector have been investing on.

You probably have various plans on how you will spend your December holiday.  If you are planning to fly out of the country; then know we have it all in Kenya. East or West Home is Always Best!

Some of the best destinations to visit in Kenya include:

Maasai Mara – Wildebeest Migration

1. Maasai Mara, Home of the Great Wildebeest Migration - The Migration is the planet’s last great epic of life and death…

2. The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary - A Lakeshore Walk With Impalas

3. Iten, Kenya’s Home Of Champions- Sitting at the heart of the Great Rift Valley, just a few kilometers from Eldoret town and considered the Mecca of athletics…

4. Lamu – Kenya’s Enchanted Island- Lamu, a peaceful tropical island where life is lived at its own relaxed rhythm

5. Cradle of Mankind, Turkana- Lake Turkana, Outer Limits
Kenya’s North is desert country where ancient blackened lava flows and endless thorn trees stretch from horizon to horizon.

6. Laikipia, Kenya- Laikipia, Kenya
This spectacular region is considered the gateway to Kenya’s wild Northern frontier country.

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