Prophet Owuor is a man under siege or so I suppose,this is after his appearance as a guest on Jeff Koinange Live Show that left Kenyans more hungrier for the right answers than ever before. Its because of several mysteries surrounding him that made Jeff to approach him as the only guest for the one hour show to shed more lights into the darkening portfolio.

However from the general feel of public going by the comments,outrage is the theme,he steered off from giving Jeff direct answers. Example when asked if pastors should be armed as they had requested,he simply says the Lord will protect but the irony is as revealed by Nairobi Exposed,the prophet is one of the armed pastors in Kenya as of now.

Talking of security Prophet Owuor is the most armed pastor in Kenya with a presidential suite security fully backed with chase cars,ex servicemen security details making him to be having heaviest security than a normal governor in Kenya.

In the show,he revealed how he had foreseen the PEV of 2007/08 and stopped the possible violence in the previous general elections through prayers. He revealed also to have foretold the Westgate attack and even informed the police one year earlier before it happened.

Asked on whether Uhuru should attend ICC he replied that Kenya doesn’t need ICC but repentance. He attributes the misfortunes Kenya is currently going through to being punishment from God due to lack of repentance.

His church give Sadaka [offerings] is not acceptable raising more questions as to how he manages to fund his lavish lifestyle,this also didn’t get any direct workable answer.

The interview Drew different reactions and feelings and below is a preview of what Kenyans in these social media streets had to say on the man of God accusing him of being a dooms prophet and a devil worshiper.

@Andambs: We kenyans are protected by the Lord God bt 4 Dr. Awour his god can’t #chase cars/Exservicemn/bulletprfcars/guns na ako na wafuasi pia

@bonifacemwangi: No offense to those who believe in Prophet Owour but he is not answering questions. He is just saying revival,repent blah,blah

@AntiBigwig: Prophet Owuor has more security guards than a Kenyan governor! It seems his god doesn’t provide security!

@RobertAlai: This guy is more evil than any pastor around. I can’t trust him with my faith.

@OBURACD: One thing ive always known about Owuor is that  his prophecies always occur after the event he so called prophesised heeheehee

@DennisOrangi:  the guy is a very big liar, a prophet of doom #JKL he’s against other pastors getting AK47s when he has 100s of bodyguards!

@RobertAlai: Owuor claim that he stopped PEV from recurring. This guy is giving himself too much credit. Adanganye mafala. Nyoa ndevu kwanza.

@edreezybaybz:  #JKL i dnt biliv this guy one bit..Lord forgive mi if im wrong but this guy is a prophet of doom..

@aluoraokot:  Somebody need to inform him we are warned in the book of #proverbs to avoid self praise

@RobertAlai: The Lord should shave your beard also. And why is it that whenever you are in town, we must have an accident?

What’s your take on Dr..Owuor,true prophet or prophet of doom and do you believe he is a devil worshiper as alleged. Or is this just a case of the prophet is never appreciated in his home town.


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