KHRC Job Analysis & Evaluation Consultancy TOR Kenya 2013

Terms of Reference for KHRC’s Job Analysis & Evaluation Consultancy
I. Background and Introduction
The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) is a leading national, non-governmental organization, founded in 1992 in Kenya with a mandate to entrench human rights and democratic values in the society.
  • Following the adoption of a new strategic plan (2013-2018), the KHRC’s work will be grounded on the following vision, mission and goal:
  • Vision: A human rights state and society.
  • Mission: To foster human rights, democratic values, human dignity and social justice.
  • Goal: Enhanced people-driven and human rights centered governance at all levels.
KHRC aims to have these through four core programmes and strategic objectives:
  • Justice and Governance: Enhanced human rights-based cultures of constitutionalism, people-driven governance and responsive justice.
  • Equality and Non-Discrimination: Enhanced representation and participation of targeted marginalised groups in political governance
  • Economic Rights and Social Justice: Producers’, workers’, consumers’ and host communities’ rights protected; and improved accountability in service delivery leads to improved access to ESCR in select counties.
  • Organizational Development and Institutional Sustainability: A well-resourced and self-sustaining KHRC that delivers on its mandate.
The achievements realized within the last programme and strategic objective will be benchmarked against four core outputs:
  • Output 1: A comprehensive 5 year sustainability plan developed and secured.
  • Outpu Outpu Output 2 t 2: KHRC recognized as a well-established and accountable reference point on human rights.
  • Output 3 Output 3 Output 3Output 3 : An integrated and efficient information system. iv. Output 4 Output 4 Output 4Output 4 : Adequate human resource that is highly skilled and motivated.
Thus, this consultancy with respect to KHRC’s Job Analysis and Evaluation is geared towards the realization of output 4 above.
II. Overall Scope
The consultant will be expected to review and analyze the existing jobs and to determine human resource/staffing requirements based on our new strategic plan.
This exercise is to help the Commission to cost effectively and sustainably manage, restructure, harmonize and remunerate its human resources.

III. Specific Scope
  • Determine the human resource/staffing requirements/design based on mergers, deletions or additions of/to existing jobs for the new strategic plan;
  • Based on No 1 above, re-write more appropriate Job Descriptions;
  • Using existing compensation surveys for the NGO sector, suggest a competitive and practical reward strategy for KHRC based on the job classification and job grading system in the new human resources manual;
  • Create a skills and competency matrix reflecting the required competencies, qualifications and experience as per the classification in the human resources manual;
  • Based on the interim strategic plan and possible the 2013-2015 Operation plan which is to finalized, propose an institutional organogram(refer to output 5 below)
IV. Outputs expected
  • A detailed project plan detailing how the assignment will be executed.
  • Positions required to fulfill the Strategic Plan based on mergers, deletions or additions of/to existing jobs;
  • Competency plan;
  • New Job descriptions that clearly reflect the academic qualifications, experience, responsibilities, supervision and reporting relationships for the positions in No 1 above;
  • Revised salary and grading structure which ensures that jobs retained/created are properly remunerated;
  • A refined organization structure;
  • Job evaluation report.
V. Facilitation
The KHRC will: Ensure that the necessary inputs for the assignment are available; Participate in necessary meetings and reviews.
VI. Reporting Line
The consultant shall report to the management that is led by the Executive Director who will be assisted by the Human Resource office together with the Job Evaluation Committee.

VII. Requirements and Qualifications
The requirements for carrying out of the assignment include relevant experience in Human Resource Management more specifically on:
  • Experience in competency mapping, job analysis and evaluation, and development of job descriptions;
  • Job re-grading and organization restructuring;
  • Good knowledge of human resource planning;
  • Experience in NGO evaluation exercises both locally and internationally;
  • Experience in reward management;
  • Experience in human resource research;
Intellectual Property: As per the KHRC’s standard consultancy contract ownership and copyright of all data, drafts and final products will be the sole and exclusive property of the KHRC.
VIII. Technical Component
The technical component of the proposal should be concisely presented and structured in the following order to include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following information:
  • Company Profile
  • Provide references and any information that will facilitate our evaluation of your firm’s substantive reliability, as well as financial and managerial capacity to provide the aforementioned consultancy.
  • Understanding of the requirements for this consultancy including any assumptions as well as comments on the data as indicated in the TORs;
  • Proposed approach, methodology, timings and output.
  • Resumes of the personnel who will carry out the assignment
  • List of similar assignments done with details of the contact persons.
IX. Financial Component
The proposal submitted should itemize the following:
  • Total cost of the assignment (indicating nature and breakdown)
  • A proposed schedule of payments
X. Application Procedure
If you meet the criteria above submit an application to by 29th March 2013.

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