SHOPS Project Marketing and Distribution Consultant Jobs in Kenya 2013

SHOPS Project Technical Assistance to Innovative Health Financing Schemes
Scope of Work for Marketing and Distribution Consultant
Background Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) Project is a global five-year USAID-funded project, which aims to expand the role of the private sector, including NGOs and for-profit entities in the sustainable provision and use of high-quality health information, products and services.
SHOPS builds upon decades of USAID support and leadership in private health sector programming, with an emphasis on exploring and advancing private sector innovations.
The core goals of SHOPS Project Kenya are:
(1) Expand access to priority health services (Reproductive Health/Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health, HIV/AIDS) provided by the private health sector in Kenya; and
(2) Increase the number of Kenyans insured through coverage for priority health services.
The SHOPS/Kenya program is centered on three main technical component areas aimed to:
(1) Strengthen the enabling environment for increased health care access in the private sector;
(2) Identify, expand and improve financing options for increased private sector health care coverage; and Initiate, implement, and scale up innovative and sustainable private sector health models for improved service delivery.
Approximately 80% of Kenyans lack health insurance or other health financing and risk protection mechanisms to allow them to access care, and prevent them from catastrophic healthcare spending.
This puts low-income populations at financial risk delving deeper into poverty.
To make healthcare more affordable, health financing solutions are needed to help pay for treatment of communicable diseases as well as chronic health conditions.
Potential solutions include insurance, medical savings accounts, loans, vouchers, or any combination of these, often powered by innovative IT platforms.
In September 2012, SHOPS solicited expression of interest from organizations with innovative health financing schemes that could be scaled up through technical assistance.
SHOPS identified and selected a insurance provider (insurer)with innovative healthcare financing product that is well-positioned to scale-up coverage through SHOPS technical assistance.
The following technical assistance was requested by the insurer and will be delivered by SHOPS Project Kenya:
  • Strengthen the marketing and distribution of their current health insurance product
  • Develop informational and educational communication materials for consumers on health insurance.
  • Build the capacity of healthcare provider networks that administer and deliver pro-poor health insurance products offered by the insurer.
SHOPS Project Kenya is looking for reputable consultants to develop a Marketing and Distribution Strategy with the following scope of work.
Scope of Work
The Consultant will be responsible for the following activities:
  • Prepare for and conduct interviews with the SHOPS Project Kenya to understand the assignment and expected deliverables.
  • Prepare for and conduct interviews with the insurer to understand their expectations on the assignment.
  • Prepare the approach for the development of the proposed marketing and distribution strategy and present this to SHOPS Project Kenya for approval. This will include a review of the current method of sales and distribution of an existing health insurance product. Specific emphasis will be placed on distributing the product through mobile money networks. Moreover, the consultant will be expected to evaluate the incentive structures in place for sales representatives responsible for distributing the product.
  • Review the insurer’s existing marketing and distribution strategies for their existing products from which best practices and lessons can be derived for the development of the proposed strategy.
  • Develop the Marketing and Distribution Strategy based on data collected from sales process evaluations, interviews, and consideration of the clients’ expectations.
  • Prepare for and present to SHOPS Project Kenya and the successful insurer the drafts of the strategy developed and incorporate their input and comments to the strategy.
  • Review the final draft and present to SHOPS Project Kenya and the insurer.
  • Present the final Marketing and Distribution Strategy to the insurer for implementation.
Deliverables and Period of Performance
The consultancy is expected to run from 25th February 2013 – 5th April 2013. The following deliverables are expected, with limited flexibility in their due dates:
  • Meeting notes of the client interviews. (For the duration of the contract)
  • Methodology for the development of the proposed Marketing and Distribution Strategy. (Due March, 2013)
  • Report on the review of the existing marketing and distribution strategy. This shall include a SWOT analysis or other framework for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the insurer’s current marketing and distribution strategy. (Due March 22, 2013)
  • Meeting notes of all the sessions for the presentation of the draft Marketing and Distribution Strategy. (For the duration of the contract)
  • Final Marketing and Distribution Strategy. This shall include an analysis of the feasibility of using mobile money to distribute health insurance. This shall also include analysis of how best to implement performance-based incentives to sales representatives responsible for distributing the health insurance product. (Due April 5, 2013)
Qualification and Past Experience
  • Candidates will have a background in marketing, sales and distribution with a minimum of 10 years’ experience and demonstrated ability to capture market share within their respective industry.
  • Knowledge of the health insurance industry a pre-requisite.
  • Experience with distributing financial services through mobile money or telecommunication providers is an advantage.
  • Experience successfully managing sales teams is an advantage.
  • Past experience in health insurance an advantage
  • Past experience in developing marketing and distribution strategies for the micro-insurance industry an added advantage
Level of Effort
This Consultancy is expected to take 35 days of the Consultant’s time
SHOPS Kenya Contact
For any inquiry regarding this terms of reference, please contact:
Submit your application and an updated Curriculum Vitae to the address above on or before 8th February 2013.

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