Kisumu Youth Football Association (KYFA) Strategic Planning Consultant Job Vacancy kenya 2012

Consultancy Opportunity

Request for Proposal: Strategic Planning Consultant

1. Invitation

Kisumu Youth Football Association (KYFA) is seeking proposals for a qualified external consultant to work with the Staff and the Council to develop a comprehensive 3-year strategic plan.

The successful individual must have extensive strategic planning experience, particularly with organizations transitioning from reliance on grants to a business approach.
The strategic plan is to be an integrated Council-Staff plan that considers all aspects of KYFA operations.
The plan is to include a clear vision and mission as well as defined goals, objectives and priorities that are realistic, achievable and measureable.

2. Organization Background

Kisumu Youth Football Association (KYFA) began in 2004 when a need arose for organized competitions amongst local teams. A league competition for the Under-18 age category was formed.

Each year since then, the leagues have expanded and now include competitions for Boys Under 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and Girls Under 14 and Under 18.
The organization exists as a member association of local grassroots football teams originating from Kisumu Town, Otonglo, and Kajulu.

KYFA currently consists of 103 teams representing 52 clubs, with nearly 2500 youth players between the ages of 8 and 18. Teams meet for weekly competitions (boys) and monthly competitions (girls) from March to October of each year. Matches are officiated by KYFA’s trained referees and monitored by KYFA staff.

In addition to running leagues, KYFA engages in numerous community development projects, including a girls’ mentorship project, a sports and advocacy programme for children with special needs, a field rehabilitation project, and most recently a school partnership linking football with water, sanitation and hygiene improvement.

KYFA began as an organization to host structured youth football matches; however, as the above activities demonstrate, it has developed into a ‘sports-for-development’ organization, using football as a tool for social change.

What this translates to is a separation between the league competitions (which should be managed by KYFA members), and the training/development activities (which are primarily managed by KYFA staff).

At one time, KYFA was entirely dependent on grants to keep the office and the activities running.

However, KYFA has recently begun partnering with corporate bodies in order to fund the football leagues and major events.
There is need to explore the feasibility of future corporate sponsorships as well as a business approach in order to ‘wean’ the leagues off of donor funding.

2. Request for Proposal

Kisumu Youth Football Association requests proposals from experienced individuals to plan and deliver the strategic planning session with the KYFA Council over the course of three (3) days.

The individual acting as the Strategic Planning Facilitator will be the leader of the Strategic Planning Session and will provide guidance for the development of a Business and Development Plan.

S/he will be responsible for ensuring that all the key elements come together in a smooth and effective way.

Attention to detail, excellent communications and people skills, strong organization and good correspondence skills are important.

Specific expertise and proven experience in strategic planning and business plan development are essential. Experience working with sports-for-development organization is a plus.

3. The Work

3.1 Strategic Planning Overview

The first deliverable for the successful consultant will be a detailed work plan outlining the agenda and the objectives for each day of the session.

This will be due within two weeks of signing of the contract.

3.2 Familiarity with KYFA

The consultant should be well-versed with KYFA’s activities prior to the Strategic Planning Session and should be able to speak about KYFA with knowledge and confidence.

Resources will be made available by KYFA to the consultant immediately after signing of the contract.

3.3 Facilitation

The consultant shall be the lead facilitator during the 3-day session, which shall take place in Kisumu from December 27th to 29th, 2012.

S/he will be expected to lead the sessions in a dynamic, engaging way that motivates all participants to play a role in the activity.

4. Reporting

The consultant shall provide a draft Strategic Plan within ten (10) days of the strategic planning session that summarizes the discussions, action points, recommendations and conclusions.

KYFA participants shall review the draft and revert it back to the consultant to make necessary revisions within seven (7) days.

5. Proposal Guidelines

Submissions must include, but are not limited to, the following components:

  • A suggested 3-day work plan indicating the elements of work, expected outcomes, identification of who will do the work, timelines, and reporting;
  • Description of the contractor’s facilitation work with other organizations, including an overview of the services and relevant experience;
  • Clear evidence of an understanding of the goals and challenges of strategic planning;
  • Contacts of three (3) references from previous facilitation work References should include client name, contact person, phone number, project description, and results;
  • Expected remuneration and any relevant costs
Address documents to the Manager and e-mail to no later than Friday, December 14th, 2012.
Short-listed candidates shall be notified.
Kisumu Youth Football Association (KYFA)
P.O. Box 13- Mega City
Kisumu, Kenya

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